Aspire Scholarship Value and Deadlines 2024, Apply Now

Aspire Scholarship – they offer courses before and after high school.

If you finish, you can use it to get into other programs at places like ICMS or other Australian universities.

They also have a program to help you if you’re not ready for a one-year Diploma course.

Their English programs teach you writing, presentations, and critical thinking in English, and when you finish, you get a certificate to help you find a job.

Here, you’ll get to know the ongoing Aspire Scholarships, their value, and deadlines for 2024.

#1. Aspire Diploma Scholarship for International Students

This scholarship gives you a big discount on your tuition fees—up to $14,600.

If you’re a new international student, you can apply in February, May, or August.

It’s open for lots of courses like Business and Marketing. But hurry, applications close on Friday, April 12, 2024.

How to Apply:

  • Pick the course you want.
  • Get the scholarship form.
  • Write an essay and gather your documents.
  • Do well in the interview.
  • If they choose you, you get the scholarship.

Aspire Scholarship

#2. Aspire Diploma Scholarship for Domestic Students

Aussie citizens and residents also have the opportunity to apply for the Aspire Diploma Scholarship.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a graduating student or on holiday, you can still apply.

You could get a discount of up to $11,800 on your fees.

Apply before Friday, April 12, 2024, so you don’t miss out.

How to Apply:

  • Choose the course you like.
  • Get the scholarship form.
  • Write an essay and gather your stuff.
  • Get ready for an interview.
  • You get a scholarship based on excellent and outstanding performances.

#3. Academic Scholarship for Foundation Students

The Academic Scholarship for the Australian Foundation Program is available in February, May, and August every year.

It’s for new international students starting their studies and gives a tuition waiver.

The eligible course for this scholarship is the Australian Foundation Program.

You could get a tuition waiver of up to $12,000 on your fees.

Deadline: April 12, 2024, to have a shot at it.

How to Apply:

  • Select your course choices
  • Get the scholarship form.
  • Write an essay and gather your documents.
  • Get ready for an interview.
  • You’re picked on Merit.

Note: these tuition waivers are for your second semester, which means you should be able to sponsor yourself.


At Aspire Institute, they believe in education for all.

They love to see their students succeed. Students will thrive in a learning environment that rewards the commitment they have made to furthering their education.

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