About Us

Women of Beauty (WOB) is an online blog where I blog about everything concerning women from Fashion, Hairstyles, Haircare, Makeup, and Weight Loss. Here I share my daily routines and tips so that you could get inspiration from them or perhaps follow through on what I did step by step. 

My Journey so far

I created this blog as a result of my quest to build women’s confidence and to help you not to make the wrong choice pertaining to your daily activities and for you to step out flawless and looking take away. I love fashion, I love good hairstyles, I love taking good care of my hair, I love wow skin, and of course, I had to look fit to compliment all this everyone desire to look good that I have got.

My Area of Expertise

I graduated from the British School of Fashion 2019 where I learned a lot about fashion and fashion trends. As an African woman, I love Ankara and I will use this medium to showcase my powers. 

As a Beauty therapist Professional with of one decade experience in Haircare, Skincare, and Makeup I will be sharing with you the tips you will need daily. I am a graduate of Beauty Therapy Institute Nigeria 2018, with my experience and professional knowledge I will be willing to render assistance in any of the areas of Beauty therapy.

Finally, as a CPT, COPT, CNS certified through my blog post I will take you through the journey of looking healthy by sharing what I know on Nutrition, etc.

My Inspiration and Motivation

I love to look good, so I wish you too to look good. 


Am an easy-going person therefore feel free to ask me any relevant questions.